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Platform Manager

The Platform Manager dialog box lets you define the project's platforms. You may have as many platforms as desired for each target (SDK). When creating a new project, a platform is created for each target.

The Platform Manager queues all requested platform actions (Add/Remove/Rename). Clicking the OK button executes all pending platform actions. Clicking the Cancel button discards all pending platform actions.

[Note] Note

Performing platform actions requires Wwise to save then reload the project.

Interface Element


Click the Configure Columns... shortcut (right-click) option from the column header band.

The Configure Columns Dialog opens. Specify which columns to display and their order.


The unique alphanumeric name of the defined platform.

Base Platform

The platform's SDK.

Pending Actions

Actions, such as Add or Copy Settings from the specified platform, to be performed upon clicking OK.

Opens the Add Platform dialog box. The new platform will be added to the Platforms list.

The new platform will be added to the project upon clicking the OK button.

Removes the selected platform. If the platform was a recently added platform (via the Add... button) then the platform is simply removed from the Platforms list. Otherwise, the platform is marked for removal, and will be removed from the project upon clicking the OK button.

Renames the selected platform. The new platform name must be unique among all platforms, and consist only of alphanumeric characters.

Opens the Copy Platform Settings dialog box. The platform that will receive the settings will be marked for copy in the Platforms list. The platform settings will be copied upon clicking the OK button.


Closes the Platform Manager dialog box and performs all pending platform actions.

Closes the Platform Manager dialog box without making any changes to your project.