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Remote Connections

The Remote Connections dialog box allows you to connect and interact with remote game consoles via a local area network. The Remote Connection dialog box displays your current connections status and contains the following two tabs:

  • Available Tab - Displays a list of the remote consoles that were automatically discovered on the network.

  • History Tab - Allows you to manually create and manage a connection list of game consoles on the network that you have connected to in the past.

[Tip] Tip

You can use a remote connection to relay information from the Game Simulator to the Wwise authoring application. In this way, you can observe and gather data about the simulation you are running. For more information on using the Game Simulator, refer to the Game Simulator documentation.

[Note] Note

When remote connected, the Source Editor's Play Cursor will only work on a Vorbis encoded source if the latter is converted with a seek table.