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Renaming User-Created Work Units

At some point you may need to rename a Work Unit that you have created in your project. You can rename Work Units in the Project Explorer and you can rename them in the File Manager. Work Units should not be renamed or deleted in Windows Explorer or Mac Finder because you may cause integrity errors or lose project data.

[Caution] Caution

The Default Work Units are critical project files and should not be renamed or deleted. If you do, Wwise will automatically re-create them the next time you open the project.

To rename a Work Unit:

  1. From the Project Explorer, press F2 or use the Rename shortcut menu option.

    The editable text box appears over the Work Unit name.

  2. In the edit box, type the new name and press Enter.

    The Workgroup Operation dialog appears.

  3. Verify the operation to be applied and click Continue.

    If you are using a source control plug-in, verify if the operation was successful.

  4. Click OK to close the Process Log.