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Replacing Media Files

In some cases, there may be technical problems with the files that you previously imported, or you may be using temporary files as placeholders until you receive the files that you intend to use in your project. In these situations you need to replace media files that you have previously imported. You can do this in the Audio File Importer, or by using the Quick Replace shortcuts.

Quick Replace

The following table lists the shortcuts you can use to replace media files previously imported into Wwise.


Use this shortcut:

Replace existing SFX files and create new sound objects.

Drag and drop the files.

Replace SFX files.

Alt+drag the files.

Replace existing voice files and create new sound objects.

Shift+drag the files.

Replace voice files.

Alt+Shift+drag the files.

If you are replacing languages using this shortcut, make sure that the reference language is selected in the Language Selector.