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Syncing a Group of Views

Since you may have different instances of the Project Explorer and Event Viewer in several layouts, you may want these views to be synced. This means that any selection or movement made within the view is synced to the other views.

[Note] Note

Two views within the same layout can't belong to the same sync group.

To sync a group of views:

  1. From the Project Explorer or Event Viewer title bar, click the Sync Group icon.

  2. From the shortcut menu, select one of the following options:

    • No sync group - To sync the view to no group.

    • Sync Group 1 - To sync the view to group one.

    • Sync Group 2 - To sync the view to group two.

    • Sync Group 3 - To sync the view to group three.

    • Sync Group 4 - To sync the view to group four.

  3. To sync the Project Explorers and Event Viewers in other layouts, simply switch layouts and then repeat steps 1-2.