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Understanding the List of Game Objects

The Game Objects tab of the Game Object Explorer contains a list of all game objects that are or have been active during this session. Game objects are created and destroyed by the audio programmer and it is the programmer who supplies the name and ID for each game object as they are created.

After connecting to your game, this list will update itself automatically.

Game objects that are currently active are labeled as “Alive”. Game objects become alive when they are registered, and cease being alive when they are unregistered. For example, in a first-person shooter, a game object may be considered no longer alive if it is destroyed or moves beyond the range the player can detect in the game geometry. On the other hand, in a real-time strategy game, all game objects on the map may remain alive until they are destroyed.

[Tip] Tip

Toggling the filter "Is Alive" changes its color from gray to blue and removes from the view every game object that is not currently in use.

Most columns in the Game Objects tab (like with other tables) only display information. However, the Mute and Solo columns offer corresponding buttons that help designers to isolate the sounds of selected game objects and their respective Wwise objects.