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Understanding a View's Title Bar Icons

Views can have a series of icons on the right side of the title bar. Each icon performs a different command related to that view. Depending on the view, different combinations of these icons will be displayed. The following table describes each of the icons that can be found in the title bar of a view.




Floating Indicator

Indicates that the view is not docked. Click and drag here, or anywhere else on the title bar, to reposition the view without docking it. Click and drag the floating view's tab to dock it.

Save Preset

Saves the current state of all values within the current view to a Preset.

Load Preset

Loads a previously saved Preset.

Sync Group

Syncs the view to a particular group (1-4). When a view is synced to a group, all views within the group will always display the same tab/selection. For example, let's say you have three different Project Explorers in three different layouts all synced to group 1. If you switch to the Game Syncs tab in one of the Project Explorers, all Project Explorer views within that group will automatically switch to the Game Syncs tab as well.

This option is only available for the Project Explorer and Event Viewer views.


Displays the online help for that particular view, window, or dialog box.

View Settings

Displays a dialog box with a series of settings that define what is displayed in the view.

Close View

Closes the floating view.