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Assigning Switches During Playback

When an object is loaded into the Transport Control, you can select from the list of Switch Groups and Switches to which the object has been assigned to simulate Switch changes that will occur in game during playback. This means that while you are playing back objects, you can change Switches and audition the changes. To learn more about creating Switches and how Switches are used, refer to the following sections:

To assign a Switch during playback:

  1. Load an object into the Transport Control.

  2. From the Switches list, select the Switch that you want to apply.

    The Switch Containers that have subscribed to the selected Switch Group will play the objects that correspond with the Switch that you have chosen.

  3. Click the Play icon.

    The Switch that you selected will be applied during playback. While the object is playing, you can continue to change Switches to simulate the game.

[Note] Note

To return to the default Switch for the Switch Container specified in the Property Editor, click Reset > Reset All Switches.