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00001 /*******************************************************************************
00002 The content of this file includes portions of the AUDIOKINETIC Wwise Technology
00003 released in source code form as part of the SDK installer package.
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00024   Version: <VERSION>  Build: <BUILDNUMBER>
00025   Copyright (c) <COPYRIGHTYEAR> Audiokinetic Inc.
00026 *******************************************************************************/
00028 // AkAndroidSoundEngine.h
00030 /// \file 
00031 /// Main Sound Engine interface, specific Android.
00033 #pragma once
00035 #include <AK/SoundEngine/Common/AkTypes.h>
00036 #include <AK/Tools/Common/AkPlatformFuncs.h>
00037 #include <SLES/OpenSLES.h>
00038 #include "SLES/OpenSLES_Android.h"
00039 #include <jni.h>
00042 /// Platform specific initialization settings
00043 /// \sa AK::SoundEngine::Init
00044 /// \sa AK::SoundEngine::GetDefaultPlatformInitSettings
00045 /// - \ref soundengine_initialization_advanced_soundengine_using_memory_threshold
00046 struct AkPlatformInitSettings
00047 {
00048     // Threading model.
00049     AkThreadProperties  threadLEngine;          ///< Lower engine threading properties
00050     AkThreadProperties  threadOutputMgr;        ///< Ouput thread threading properties
00051     AkThreadProperties  threadBankManager;      ///< Bank manager threading properties (its default priority is AK_THREAD_PRIORITY_NORMAL)
00052     AkThreadProperties  threadMonitor;          ///< Monitor threading properties (its default priority is AK_THREAD_PRIORITY_ABOVENORMAL). This parameter is not used in Release build.    
00054     // Memory.
00055     AkReal32            fLEngineDefaultPoolRatioThreshold;  ///< 0.0f to 1.0f value: The percentage of occupied memory where the sound engine should enter in Low memory mode. \ref soundengine_initialization_advanced_soundengine_using_memory_threshold
00056     AkUInt32            uLEngineDefaultPoolSize;///< Lower Engine default memory pool size
00058     AkUInt32            uSampleRate;            ///< Sampling Rate.  Set to 0 to get the native sample rate.  Default value is 0.
00059     AkUInt16            uNumRefillsInVoice;     ///< Number of refill buffers in voice buffer.  Defaults to 4.
00060     AkChannelMask       uChannelMask;           ///< use AK_SPEAKER_SETUP_STEREO
00061     bool                bRoundFrameSizeToHWSize;///< Used when hardware-preferred frame size and user-preferred frame size (AkInitSettings.uNumSamplesPerFrame) are not compatible.  
00062                                                 /// If true (default) the sound engine will initialize to a multiple of the HW setting, close to the user setting.
00063                                                 /// If false, the user setting is used as is, regardless of the HW preference (might incur a performance hit).
00065     SLObjectItf         pSLEngine;              ///< OpenSL engine reference for sharing between various audio components.
00066     JavaVM*             pJavaVM;                ///< Active JavaVM for the app, used for internal system calls.  Usually provided through the android_app structure given at startup or the NativeActivity. This parameter needs to be set to allow the sound engine initialization.
00067     jobject             jNativeActivity;        ///< NativeActivity instance for this application. Usually provided through the android_app structure, or through other means if your application has an overridden activity.
00068                                                 ///< This is optional.  However, not providing this object will prevent the background music muting when player start his own music in an external player.
00069 };
00071 struct AkInitSettings;
00073 namespace AK
00074 {
00075     namespace SoundEngine
00076     {
00077         /// Get instance of OpenSL created by the sound engine at initialization.
00078         /// \return NULL if sound engine is not initialized
00079         AK_EXTERNAPIFUNC( SLObjectItf, GetWwiseOpenSLInterface )();
00081         /// Gets specific settings for the fast audio path on Android.  Call this function after AK::SoundEngine::GetDefaultSettings and AK::SoundEngine::GetPlatformDefaultSettings to modify settings for the fast path.
00082         /// in_pfSettings.pJavaVM and in_pfSettings.jNativeActivity must be filled properly prior to calling GetFastPathSettings.
00083         /// The fast path constraints are:
00084         /// -The sample rate must match the hardware native sample rate 
00085         /// -The number of samples per frame must be a multiple of the hardware buffer size.
00086         /// Not fulfilling these constraints makes the audio hardware less efficient.
00087         /// In general, using the fast path means a higher CPU usage.  Complex audio designs may not be feasible while using the fast path.
00088         AKRESULT GetFastPathSettings(AkInitSettings &in_settings, AkPlatformInitSettings &in_pfSettings);
00089     };
00090 };