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00001 /*******************************************************************************
00002 The content of this file includes portions of the AUDIOKINETIC Wwise Technology
00003 released in source code form as part of the SDK installer package.
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00024   Version: <VERSION>  Build: <BUILDNUMBER>
00025   Copyright (c) <COPYRIGHTYEAR> Audiokinetic Inc.
00026 *******************************************************************************/
00028 // AkWinSoundEngine.h
00030 /// \file 
00031 /// Main Sound Engine interface, specific WIN32.
00033 #ifndef _AK_WIN_SOUND_ENGINE_H_
00034 #define _AK_WIN_SOUND_ENGINE_H_
00036 #include <AK/SoundEngine/Common/AkTypes.h>
00037 #include <AK/Tools/Common/AkPlatformFuncs.h>
00039 ///< API used for audio output
00040 ///< Use with AkPlatformInitSettings to select the API used for audio output.  
00041 ///< Use AkAPI_Default, it will select the more appropriate API depending on the computer's capabilities.  Other values should be used for testing purposes.
00042 ///< \sa AK::SoundEngine::Init
00043 enum AkAudioAPI
00044 {
00045     AkAPI_Wasapi = 1 << 0,                              ///< Use Wasapi 
00046     AkAPI_XAudio2 = 1 << 1,                             ///< Use XAudio2 (this is the preferred API on Windows)
00047     AkAPI_DirectSound = 1 << 2,                         ///< Use DirectSound
00048     AkAPI_Default = AkAPI_Wasapi | AkAPI_XAudio2 | AkAPI_DirectSound,   ///< Default value, will select the more appropriate API (XAudio2 is the default)   
00049 };
00051 ///< Used with \ref AK::GetWindowsDeviceName to specify the device state mask.
00052 enum AkAudioDeviceState
00053 {
00054     AkDeviceState_Active = 1 << 0,     ///< The audio device is active That is, the audio adapter that connects to the endpont device is present and enabled.
00055     AkDeviceState_Disabled = 1 << 1,   ///< The audio device is disabled.
00056     AkDeviceState_NotPresent = 1 << 2, ///< The audio device is not present because the audio adapter that connects to the endpoint device has been removed from the system.
00057     AkDeviceState_Unplugged = 1 << 3,  ///< The audio device is unplugged.
00058     AkDeviceState_All = AkDeviceState_Active | AkDeviceState_Disabled | AkDeviceState_NotPresent | AkDeviceState_Unplugged, ///< Includes audio devices in all states.
00059 };
00061 struct IXAudio2;
00063 /// Platform specific initialization settings
00064 /// \sa AK::SoundEngine::Init
00065 /// \sa AK::SoundEngine::GetDefaultPlatformInitSettings
00066 /// - \ref soundengine_initialization_advanced_soundengine_using_memory_threshold
00068 struct AkPlatformInitSettings
00069 {
00070     // Direct sound.
00071     HWND                hWnd;                   ///< Handle to the window associated to the audio.
00072                                                 ///< Each game must specify the HWND that will be passed to DirectSound initialization.
00073                                                 ///< The value returned by GetDefaultPlatformInitSettings is the foreground HWND at 
00074                                                 ///< the moment of the initialization of the sound engine and may not be the correct one for your game.
00075                                                 ///< It is required that each game provides the correct HWND to be used.
00078     // Threading model.
00079     AkThreadProperties  threadLEngine;          ///< Lower engine threading properties
00080     AkThreadProperties  threadOutputMgr;        ///< Ouput thread threading properties
00081     AkThreadProperties  threadBankManager;      ///< Bank manager threading properties (its default priority is AK_THREAD_PRIORITY_NORMAL)
00082     AkThreadProperties  threadMonitor;          ///< Monitor threading properties (its default priority is AK_THREAD_PRIORITY_ABOVENORMAL). This parameter is not used in Release build.
00084     // Memory.
00085     AkUInt32            uLEngineDefaultPoolSize;///< Lower Engine default memory pool size
00086     AkReal32            fLEngineDefaultPoolRatioThreshold;  ///< 0.0f to 1.0f value: The percentage of occupied memory where the sound engine should enter in Low memory mode. \ref soundengine_initialization_advanced_soundengine_using_memory_threshold
00088     // Voices.
00089     AkUInt16            uNumRefillsInVoice;     ///< Number of refill buffers in voice buffer. 2 == double-buffered, defaults to 4.
00091     AkUInt32            uSampleRate;            ///< Sampling Rate. Default is 48000 Hz. Use 24000hz for low quality. Any positive reasonable sample rate is supported. However be careful setting a custom value. Using an odd or really low sample rate may result in malfunctionning sound engine.
00094     AkAudioAPI          eAudioAPI;              ///< Main audio API to use. Leave to AkAPI_Default for the default sink (default value).
00095                                                 ///< If a valid audioDeviceShareset plug-in is provided, the AkAudioAPI will be Ignored.
00096                                                 ///< \ref AkAudioAPI
00098     bool                bGlobalFocus;           ///< Corresponding to DSBCAPS_GLOBALFOCUS. If using the AkAPI_DirectSound AkAudioAPI type, sounds will be muted if set to false when the game loses the focus.
00099                                                 ///< This setting is ignored when using other AkAudioAPI types.
00101     IXAudio2*           pXAudio2;               ///< XAudio2 instance to use for the Wwise sound engine.  If NULL (default) Wwise will initialize its own instance.  Used only if the sink type is XAudio2 in AkInitSettings.outputType.
00102 };
00104 struct IDirectSound8;
00105 struct IXAudio2;
00106 struct IMMDevice;
00107 struct IUnknown;
00109 namespace AK
00110 {
00111     /// Get instance of XAudio2 created by the sound engine at initialization.
00112     /// \return Non-addref'd pointer to XAudio2 interface. NULL if sound engine is not initialized or XAudio2 is not used.
00113     /// The returned pointer can be of either XAudio 2.7, XAudio 2.8, Xaudio 2.9 depending on the Windows version the game is running on.  Use QueryInterface to identify which one and cast appropriately
00114     AK_EXTERNAPIFUNC( IUnknown *, GetWwiseXAudio2Interface)();
00116     /// Get instance of DirectSound created by the sound engine at initialization.
00117     /// \return Non-addref'd pointer to DirectSound interface. NULL if sound engine is not initialized or DirectSound is not used.
00118     AK_EXTERNAPIFUNC( IDirectSound8 *, GetDirectSoundInstance )();
00120     /// Finds the device ID for particular Audio Endpoint. 
00121     /// \note CoInitialize must have been called for the calling thread.  See Microsoft's documentation about CoInitialize for more details.
00122     /// \return A device ID to use with AddSecondaryOutput or AkPlatformInitSettings.idAudioDevice
00123     AK_EXTERNAPIFUNC( AkUInt32, GetDeviceID ) (IMMDevice* in_pDevice);
00125     /// Finds an audio endpoint that matches the token in the device name or device ID and returns and ID compatible with AddSecondaryOutput.  
00126     /// This is a helper function that searches in the device ID (as returned by IMMDevice->GetId) and 
00127     /// in the property PKEY_Device_FriendlyName.  The token parameter is case-sensitive.  If you need to do matching on different conditions, use IMMDeviceEnumerator directly and AK::GetDeviceID.
00128     /// \note CoInitialize must have been called for the calling thread.  See Microsoft's documentation about CoInitialize for more details.
00129     /// \return An ID to use with AddSecondaryOutput.  The ID returned is the device ID as returned by IMMDevice->GetId, hashed by AK::SoundEngine::GetIDFromName()
00130     AK_EXTERNAPIFUNC( AkUInt32, GetDeviceIDFromName )(wchar_t* in_szToken);
00132     /// Get the user-friendly name for the specified device.  Call repeatedly with index starting at 0 and increasing to get all available devices, including disabled and unplugged devices, until the returned string is null.
00133     /// You can also get the default device information by specifying index=-1.  The default device is the one with a green checkmark in the Audio Playback Device panel in Windows.
00134     /// The returned out_uDeviceID parameter is the Device ID to use with Wwise.  Use it to specify the main device in AkPlatformInitSettings.idAudioDevice or in AK::SoundEngine::AddSecondaryOutput. 
00135     /// \note CoInitialize must have been called for the calling thread.  See Microsoft's documentation about CoInitialize for more details.
00136     /// \return The name of the device at the "index" specified.  The pointer is valid until the next call to GetWindowsDeviceName.
00137     AK_EXTERNAPIFUNC(const wchar_t*, GetWindowsDeviceName) (
00138         AkInt32 index,           ///< Index of the device in the array.  -1 to get information on the default device.
00139         AkUInt32 &out_uDeviceID, ///< Device ID for Wwise.  This is the same as what is returned from AK::GetDeviceID and AK::GetDeviceIDFromName.  Use it to specify the main device in AkPlatformInitSettings.idAudioDevice or in AK::SoundEngine::AddSecondaryOutput. 
00140         AkAudioDeviceState uDeviceStateMask = AkDeviceState_All ///< Optional bitmask used to filter the device based on their state.
00141         );
00142 };
00144 #endif //_AK_WIN_SOUND_ENGINE_H_