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void AkTransform::Set ( AkReal32  in_positionX,
AkReal32  in_positionY,
AkReal32  in_positionZ,
AkReal32  in_orientFrontX,
AkReal32  in_orientFrontY,
AkReal32  in_orientFrontZ,
AkReal32  in_orientTopX,
AkReal32  in_orientTopY,
AkReal32  in_orientTopZ  
) [inline]

Set position and orientation. Orientation front and top should be orthogonal and normalized.

in_positionX  Position x
in_positionY  Position y
in_positionZ  Position z
in_orientFrontX  Orientation front x
in_orientFrontY  Orientation front y
in_orientFrontZ  Orientation front z
in_orientTopX  Orientation top x
in_orientTopY  Orientation top y
in_orientTopZ  Orientation top z

Definition at line 376 of file AkTypes.h.

References AkVector::X, AkVector::Y, and AkVector::Z.