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include/AK/SoundEngine/Platforms/Windows/AkTypes.h File Reference

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#define  AK_WIN
  Compiling for Windows.
#define  _WIN32_WINNT   0x0602
#define  AK_71AUDIO
  Internal use.
  Internal use.
  Can support wchar.
#define  AK_OS_WCHAR
  Use wchar natively.
#define  AK_RESTRICT   __restrict
  Refers to the __restrict compilation flag available on some platforms.
#define  AK_EXPECT_FALSE(_x)   (_x)
#define  AkForceInline   __forceinline
  Force inlining.
#define  AkNoInline   __declspec(noinline)
  Disable inlining.
#define  AK_SIMD_ALIGNMENT   16
  Platform-specific alignment requirement for SIMD data.
#define  AK_ALIGN_SIMD(__Declaration__)   __declspec(align(AK_SIMD_ALIGNMENT)) __Declaration__
  Platform-specific alignment requirement for SIMD data.
#define  AK_ALIGN_DMA
  Platform-specific data alignment for DMA transfers.
  Platform-specific data alignment for faster DMA transfers.
#define  AK_ALIGN_SIZE_FOR_DMA(__Size__)   (__Size__)
  Used to align sizes to next 16 byte boundary on platfroms that require it.
#define  AK_XAUDIO2_FLAGS   0
#define  AKSOUNDENGINE_CALL   __cdecl
  Calling convention for the Wwise API.
#define  AK_DLLEXPORT   __declspec(dllexport)
#define  AK_DLLIMPORT   __declspec(dllimport)
#define  AK_MAX_PATH   260
  Maximum path length.
#define  AkmmioFOURCC(ch0, ch1, ch2, ch3)
  Create Riff chunk.
  Required memory alignment for bank loading by memory address (see LoadBank()).
#define  AKTEXT(x)   L ## x


typedef unsigned char  AkUInt8
  Unsigned 8-bit integer.
typedef unsigned short  AkUInt16
  Unsigned 16-bit integer.
typedef unsigned long  AkUInt32
  Unsigned 32-bit integer.
typedef unsigned __int64  AkUInt64
  Unsigned 64-bit integer.
typedef __w64 int  AkIntPtr
  Integer type for pointers.
typedef __w64 unsigned int  AkUIntPtr
  Integer (unsigned) type for pointers.
typedef char  AkInt8
  Signed 8-bit integer.
typedef short  AkInt16
  Signed 16-bit integer.
typedef long  AkInt32
  Signed 32-bit integer.
typedef __int64  AkInt64
  Signed 64-bit integer.
typedef wchar_t  AkOSChar
  Generic character string.
typedef float  AkReal32
  32-bit floating point
typedef double  AkReal64
  64-bit floating point
typedef void *  AkThread
  Thread handle.
typedef AkUInt32  AkThreadID
  Thread ID.
typedef AkUInt32(__stdcall *  AkThreadRoutine )(void *lpThreadParameter)
  Thread routine.
typedef void *  AkEvent
  Event handle.
typedef void *  AkFileHandle
  File handle.
typedef wchar_t  AkUtf16
typedef AkUInt32  AkFourcc
  Riff chunk.


enum   AkMemPoolAttributes {
  AkNoAlloc = 0, AkMalloc = 1, AkAllocMask = AkNoAlloc | AkMalloc, AkFixedSizeBlocksMode = 1<<3,
  AkBlockMgmtMask = AkFixedSizeBlocksMode, AkNoAlloc = 0, AkMalloc = 1<<0, AkVirtualAlloc = 1<<1,
  AkAllocMask = AkNoAlloc | AkMalloc | AkVirtualAlloc, AkFixedSizeBlocksMode = 1<<3, AkBlockMgmtMask = AkFixedSizeBlocksMode, AkNoAlloc = 0,
  AkMalloc = 1<<0, AkAPUAlloc = 1<<1, AkAllocMask = AkNoAlloc | AkMalloc | AkAPUAlloc, AkFixedSizeBlocksMode = 1<<3,
  AkBlockMgmtMask = AkFixedSizeBlocksMode

Detailed Description

Data type definitions.

Definition in file AkTypes.h.