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AKRESULT __cdecl AK::SoundEngine::ResetRTPCValue ( AkRtpcID  in_rtpcID,
AkGameObjectID  in_gameObjectID = AK_INVALID_GAME_OBJECT,
AkTimeMs  in_uValueChangeDuration = 0,
AkCurveInterpolation  in_eFadeCurve = AkCurveInterpolation_Linear,
bool  in_bBypassInternalValueInterpolation = false  

Resets the value of the game parameter to its default value, as specified in the Wwise project. With this function, you may reset a game parameter to its default value with global scope or with game object scope. Game object scope supersedes global scope. Game parameter values reset with global scope are applied to all game objects that were not overridden with a value with game object scope. To reset a game parameter value with global scope, pass AK_INVALID_GAME_OBJECT as the game object. With this function, you may also reset the value of a game parameter over time. To do so, specify a non-zero value for in_uValueChangeDuration. At each audio frame, the game parameter value will be updated internally according to the interpolation curve. If you call SetRTPCValue() or ResetRTPCValue() with in_uValueChangeDuration = 0 in the middle of an interpolation, the interpolation stops and the new value is set directly. Refer to RTPCs and Game Objects, RTPCs and Busses and RTPCs and Plug-Ins for more details on RTPC scope.

Always AK_Success
See also:
in_rtpcID  ID of the game parameter
in_gameObjectID  Associated game object ID
in_uValueChangeDuration  Duration during which the game parameter is interpolated towards its default value
in_eFadeCurve  Curve type to be used for the game parameter interpolation
in_bBypassInternalValueInterpolation  True if you want to bypass the internal "slew rate" or "over time filtering" specified by the sound designer. This is meant to be used when for example loading a level and you dont want the values to interpolate.