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AkInitSettings Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

AkAssertHook  pfnAssertHook
  External assertion handling function (optional).
AkUInt32  uMaxNumPaths
  Maximum number of paths for positioning.
AkUInt32  uDefaultPoolSize
  Size of the default memory pool, in bytes.
AkReal32  fDefaultPoolRatioThreshold
  0.0f to 1.0f value: The percentage of occupied memory where the sound engine should enter in Low memory Mode. Defining a Memory Threshold
AkUInt32  uCommandQueueSize
  Size of the command queue, in bytes.
AkMemPoolId  uPrepareEventMemoryPoolID
  Memory pool where data allocated by AK::SoundEngine::PrepareEvent() and AK::SoundEngine::PrepareGameSyncs() will be done.
bool  bEnableGameSyncPreparation
  Sets to true to enable AK::SoundEngine::PrepareGameSync usage.
AkUInt32  uContinuousPlaybackLookAhead
  Default is 1 audio quantum, also known as an audio frame. Its size is equal to AkInitSettings::uNumSamplesPerFrame / AkPlatformInitSettings::uSampleRate. For many platforms the default values - which can be overridden - are respectively 1,024 samples and 48 kHz. This gives a default 21.3 ms for an audio quantum, which is adequate if you have a RAM-based streaming device that completes transfers within 20 ms. With 1 look-ahead quantum, voices spawned by continuous containers are more likely to be ready when they are required to play, thereby improving the overall precision of sound scheduling. If your device completes transfers in 30 ms instead, you might consider increasing this value to 2 because it will grant new voices 2 audio quanta (~43 ms) to fetch data.
AkUInt32  uNumSamplesPerFrame
  Number of samples per audio frame (256, 512, 1024, or 2048).
AkUInt32  uMonitorPoolSize
  Size of the monitoring pool, in bytes. This parameter is not used in Release build.
AkUInt32  uMonitorQueuePoolSize
  Size of the monitoring queue pool, in bytes. This parameter is not used in Release build.
AkOutputSettings  settingsMainOutput
  Main output device settings.
AkUInt32  uMaxHardwareTimeoutMs
  Amount of time to wait for HW devices to trigger an audio interrupt. If there is no interrupt after that time, the sound engine will revert to silent mode and continue operating until the HW finally comes back. Default value: 2000 (2 seconds).
bool  bUseSoundBankMgrThread
  Use a separate thread for loading sound banks. Allows asynchronous operations.
bool  bUseLEngineThread
  Use a separate thread for processing audio. If set to false, audio processing will occur in RenderAudio(). Custom scheduling of audio rendering.
AkBackgroundMusicChangeCallbackFunc  BGMCallback
  Application-defined audio source change event callback function.
void *  BGMCallbackCookie
  Application-defined user data for the audio source change event callback function.
AkOSChar szPluginDLLPath
  When using DLLs for plugins, specify their path. Leave NULL if DLLs are in the same folder as the game executable.
AkFloorPlane  eFloorPlane
  Floor plane axis for 3D game object viewing.
AkTaskSchedulerDesc  taskSchedulerDesc
  The defined client task scheduler that AkSoundEngine will use to schedule internal tasks.

Detailed Description

Platform-independent initialization settings of the sound engine

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