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Complete Changelist

The following sections list and describe the changes made to Wwise between version 2010.1.3 and version 2010.2.

SDK Folder Structure Changes

  • WG-18143 PS3: SPU .elf files are now included in the SDK for debugging purposes.

Platform SDK updates

  • Wwise Authoring: updated to DirectX February 2010.
  • PlayStation 3: updated to SDK 340.
  • Xbox 360: updated to XDK 11775.4 (July 2010).

API Changes

  • WG-16578 The Reverb and Reverb Lite effects have been removed; they had been tagged as deprecated in recent versions of Wwise. Use the Matrix Reverb, RoomVerb or the Convolution Reverb instead. If you have warnings regarding these effects in your projects, make sure to replace them and re-save your project.
  • WG-16876 8-bit data is not supported anymore as input for the Wwise sound engine.
  • WG-14789 Grid and Grid Offset are now returned with every music callback notification.
  • WG-16870 LockParams() and UnlockParams() have been removed from AK::IAkPluginParam. Locking of the parameters is not necessary anymore as they are always accessed from the same thread.
  • WG-17235 SoundFrame: Added a function "GetDialogueEventOriginalFileList" to obtain the list of Original source files for Dialogue Events into SoundFrame API. Also renamed GetOriginalFileList to AK::SoundFrame::ISoundFrame::GetEventOriginalFileList "GetEventOriginalFileList".
  • WG-17325 Added a function AK::SoundEngine::SetEffect to add or remove effect ShareSets on audio nodes at runtime.
  • WG-17481 The instance of XAudio2 used by the Sound Engine on the Xbox 360 can now be managed by the game by passing AkPlatformInitSettings::pXAudio2 at initialization time.
  • WG-17501 Specialization of effect processing interfaces to support out-of-place processing (see AK::IAkOutOfPlaceEffectPlugin) additionally to in-place processing (see AK::IAkInPlaceEffectPlugin). Out-of-place effects can be used (outside of Master-Mixer hierarchy) to implement effects that need to produce and consume data at different rates.
  • WG-17741 Added new AkCommSettings::threadProperties initialization parameter to change the default priority of the communication thread.
  • WG-17788 Stream manager interface now available for use within effect plug-ins. This provides the ability to stream data to or from an effect plug-in by reading or writing data on a specific device (see AK::IAkEffectPluginContext).
  • WG-17850 AK::SoundEngine::StartOutputCapture(), which opens wave files for writing, now passes AkFileSystemFlags::uCodecID = AKCODECID_PCM to the Low-Level IO (AK::StreamMgr::IAkFileLocationResolver::Open()) instead of the former value AKCODECID_BANK. In order to save this file into the "base path" instead of into the streamed files path, the CAkFileLocationBase SDK sample now accepts the file open mode (AkOpenMode) (see functions GetFullFilePath() in file SDK/samples/SoundEngine/Common/AkFileLocationBase.h). Platform-specific default Low-Level I/O implementations were modified accordingly.
  • WG-17887 Removed the AkEnvironmentValue::fUserData structure member.
  • WG-17888 Reduced usage of AK_OPTIMIZED define in SDK headers.

New Features

  • New effect plug-ins:
    • Convolution Reverb.
    • Guitar Distortion.
    • Flanger.
    • Tremolo.
    • Meter.
  • New codec plug-in:
    • xWMA (only on Xbox 360).
  • Source control integration improvements:
    • WG-16936 Tree conflicts are now shown in the status column when using the Subversion plug-in.
    • WG-17506 The source control (Perforce and subversion) overlay icons of workunits are now shown in the title bar of the views. The standard context menu is also now available in the title bar area of the views.
    • WG-17508 Perforce integration now shows outdated files with a yellow triangle.
    • WG-17509 Workgroup operations (source control) are now accessible from the standard context menu in Wwise.
  • WG-3254, WG-17152 Advanced Profiler: Voice Tab now displays Base Volume, Final Volume, Base LPF and Final LPF for each voice.
  • WG-12128 Wwise custom pre and post soundbank generation steps now have 2 new macros: $SoundBankList and $LanguageList. The value of those macro contains the SoundBanks and Languages passed at the Wwise command line OR the selected banks and languages in the SoundBank Manager.
  • WG-16762 File Packager and CopyStreamedFiles now accept lists of SoundBanks and Languages: use -banks and -languages with a quoted-space-separated list.
  • WG-16208 Capture Log: shift-clicking on an item in the Capture Log now moves the game profiler time cursor to the item's time so that other views (such as Performance Monitor and Advanced Profiler) are synced to the same time.
  • WG-16361 The source control Commit/Submit dialog now show the status of the files. Also, when saving non-checked-out files under Perforce, the list of the files to check-out is now shown with the associated status of the files.
  • WG-16449 Wwise now lists the files to be migrated when loading a project created in an earlier version.
  • WG-16679 The Integration Demo has been completely rewritten; it now contains new and better examples of sound engine usage, and is better organized.
  • WG-16718 New "Plug-in Media" section in SoundBank Content Files listing plug-in media included in the bank. Convolution Reverb is currently the only plug-in with associated media.
  • WG-17525 Ports used for Wwise communication are now configurable. Dynamic/ephemeral ports are used by default where applicable. For more information refer to Communication Ports in the Wwise SDK documentation and "Specifying Network Ports" in the Wwise Help.
  • WG-17674 Command-line support for External Sources has been modified and extended. For more information refer to Integrating External Sources in the Wwise SDK documentation.

Behavior and Performance Changes

  • WG-17341, WG-17377 General performance improvements to the Wwise Authoring user interface.
  • WG-17394, WG-17910 Optimized memory usage of Events and Structures in the Default memory pool of the Sound Engine.
  • WG-17939 Major performance improvements when inspecting and playing large sound structures from the Wwise Transport.
  • WG-18138 Improved performance when modifying RTPC values affecting large hierarchies of structures.

Miscellaneous Changes

  • WG-16832 The Soundbank Manager now support multiple selection.
  • WG-16872 Object context menu is now available by right-clicking in the background of most views.
  • WG-17386 New option "Edit source of override" in areas of the Property Editor where the object inherits from a parent.
  • WG-17617 Effect ShareSets and custom effects now appear in the Edit tab of the SoundBank Editor.
  • WG-17414 Audio Input plug-in now plays back input from microphone inside of Wwise Authoring.
  • WG-17430 External Sources are now allowed to have identical names in the same Wwise project.
  • WG-17457 Effect assignment and ShareSet selection can now be modified during playback or while connected to the game.
  • WG-17465 It is now possible to enter up to 6 decimals in the Game Parameter minimum, maximum and default values.
  • WG-17530 "Volume below minimum threshold" notification now specifies which sound was killed.
  • WG-17556 Now possible to copy and paste RTPC curves on Positioning objects (2D Panner, 3D User-Defined).

Bug Fixes

  • WG-16764 Inactive references are no longer shown in the Reference view. Inactive references can be references to Conversion Settings or Attenuations for which the owner is not the source of override.
  • WG-16875 Fixed a situation where playing blend containers using the dynamic sequence mechanism would play sounds that are meant to play simultaneously one after the other.
  • WG-17056 Fixed a situation where an assert could pop when shutting down the Sound engine while using dialogue system.
  • WG-17424 Missing Events from the SoundBank Defintion importation now cause the WwiseCLI.exe to return the proper return code.
  • WG-17446 Fixed: Crash after creating 2 streaming devices, destroying the first one, and then profiling.
  • WG-17449 Unused Transition Segments are not packaged in SoundBanks anymore.
  • WG-17474 Fixed: Soundbank generation took a long time to finish after clicking Stop while generating a bank with lots of rendered effects.
  • WG-17477 Fixed: QueryAudioObjectIDs asserts uselessly in case where an audio node is not found.
  • WG-17528 Fixed: Setting environment values with multiple environment values, some of them invalid, was causing the subsequent valid environments settings to be ignored.
  • WG-17558 Fixed a situation where editing the Random Container weight in the Wwise application was not applying it right away.
  • WG-17562 Fixed: Possible lost of profiling data when connecting to a game.
  • WG-17659 Fixed a situation where the sound engine initialization on PC could cause a crash if DirectSound is not supported.
  • WG-17687 Fixed: AkFNVHash.h was resetting compiler warning 4127 to default (now using pragma warning push/pop).
  • WG-17734 Fixed: Music Switch Container editor sort is lost during drag & drop operation.
  • WG-17799 Fixed: Crash when multi-editing an audio object that doesn't have a BusRouting element, or a GUID_NULL BusRouting element.
  • WG-17827 Fixed: "IO error" notification not reported when an error is reported by the low-level IO (deferred device only).
  • WG-17844 Fixed: Profiler stays empty after connection to a game in low memory scenario.
  • WG-17877 Fixed: On Windows XP (Japanese), UI doesn't display properly in some areas such as the lower part of Property Editor's Effects tab.
  • WG-17926 Fixed: Some sounds fail to play when audio clips have been resized in the segment editor.
  • WG-18019 Fixed: Marker cues not notified in the capture log with converted XMA files played from within the authoring tool.
  • WG-18062 Fixed: Vorbis decoder does not emit an error notification when processing corrupted packet headers.
  • WG-18076 Fixed: Possible crash when undoing creation of groups inside the Music Playlist Editor.
  • WG-18088 Fixed: game object ID '0' was behaving differently in Release config. Note that this game object is reserved for the Wwise Transport and should not be used by the game.
  • WG-18093 Fixed: Possible crash when running Integrity Report on Interactive Music.
  • WG-18148 Fixed: import of multi-channel WAV files generated with Pro-Tools.
  • WG-18159 Fixed: Performance Monitor: "Save All Counters to File" does not saves all counters/columns.