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AkRoomPortal Class Reference

An AkRoomPortal can connect two AkRoom components together. More...

Inherits AkTriggerHandler.

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Public Member Functions

ulong  GetID ()
  Access the portal's ID.
override void  HandleEvent (UnityEngine.GameObject in_gameObject)
  Opens the portal on trigger event.
void  ClosePortal (UnityEngine.GameObject in_gameObject)
  Closes the portal on trigger event.

Public Attributes

const int  MAX_ROOMS_PER_PORTAL = 2
  AkRoomPortals can only connect a maximum of 2 rooms.
AkRoom[]  rooms = new AkRoom[MAX_ROOMS_PER_PORTAL]
const int  MAX_NB_TRIGGERS = 32
  Since our mask is a 32 bits integer, we can't have more than 32 triggers.
< int > 
triggerList = new System.Collections.Generic.List<int> { START_TRIGGER_ID }
  List containing the enabled triggers.
bool  useOtherObject = false
  This property is usefull only when used with colliders. When enabled, the target of the action will be the other colliding object. When disabled, it will be the current object.

Static Public Attributes

< uint, string > 
triggerTypes = AkTriggerBase.GetAllDerivedTypes()
  Will contain the types of all the triggers derived from AkTriggerBase at runtime.

Detailed Description

An AkRoomPortal can connect two AkRoom components together.

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