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Adding Objects/busses to a Mixing Session

After you have created your mixing session, you can start populating it with the busses and/or individual objects within your project. When you add a bus or object to the Mixing Desk, a mixing strip is created. A mixing strip gives you an overview of the object's or bus' property settings. It also has a series of controls that allow you to monitor various activities, modify properties, set effects and states, and define positioning properties.

You can add any of the following objects to the Mixing Desk:

  • busses

  • Actor-Mixers

  • Containers

  • Sounds

  • Music Containers

  • Music Segments

  • Music Tracks

[Note] Note

If a mixing session contains a mixing strip that relates to an object or bus that has been unloaded from the project, the mixing strip will be empty.

To add objects/busses to a Mixing Session:

  1. Load a mixing session into the Mixing Desk by doing one of the following:

    • Click the Mixing Desk Selector (>>)and select a mixing session from the list.

    • Double-click a mixing session from the Sessions tab of the Project Explorer.

  2. From the Project Explorer, drag a bus or object into the Mixing Desk.

    A mixing strip is created in the Mixing Desk, representing the object or bus.

  3. Continue to add objects and/or busses to the Mixing Desk.

    [Note] Note

    When you have several mixer strips in the Mixing Desk, a blue insertion line displays the location where the mixing strip will be added.