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Applying Batch Rename Changes

After Specifying Batch Rename Settings, but before applying them, it is good practice to check the Preview panel for the impact of your specified rename settings.

To review the preview:

  1. Check for a count of detected errors and warnings in the field just below the panel.

  2. Sort the objects by the message type column (click the column header without a title, to the right of After).

    Objects with error messages are listed first, with warning messages second, and without messages third.

  3. Look through the objects with messages by inspecting the Before and After columns.

    The After column displays the effect of the Settings panel entries.

    Isolate what, if anything (warnings do not necessarily imply required changes), you need to adjust.

  4. Change the Settings panel entries as desired, then click the Preview panel.

    The panel updates to show the impact of your changes.

  5. Continue adjusting the settings until there are no error messages and you are satisfied with the forecast results (in the After column).

To apply the rename settings to all the listed objects:

  1. Click Rename All to change the object names or comments listed in the Before column of the Preview panel.

    [Note] Note

    The Batch Rename applies to all the objects that were added in the Preview panel, even if some of those objects are filtered from view with a search filter.

    All the listed object names or comments are changed to their After column values.

    The message type and Message columns update to respectively display a green square and a Successfully renamed message.

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