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Assigning Targets to Event Actions

Most Event Actions must be assigned to a particular object, structure, or game sync. Events that contain one or more Actions without an associated target are called orphaned Events. These orphaned Events will appear in the Orphans tab of the Event Viewer. They also appear when you generate an integrity report for your project.

To help you identify the status of objects within an Event, the object name will appear in one of the following colors:

  • White - For included objects. (In the current platform.)

  • Gray - For unincluded objects. (In the current platform.)

  • Red - For Event Actions that are missing an associated object or objects that are missing from the current project.

  • Yellow - For objects that are currently unloaded from the current project.

[Note] Note

When assigning a music object to certain Actions, such as Trigger, Set Switch, and Set State, be aware that the result of these Actions may be delayed due to pre-defined points in the music object where these specific Actions can occur.

To assign a target to an Event Action:

  1. In the Event Editor, select the Action for which you want to assign a target.

  2. Click Browse.

    The Project Explorer - Browser is displayed.

  3. Navigate through the hierarchy and select the object that you want to assign to the Action.

  4. Click OK.

    The object is assigned to the Action.

[Tip] Tip

You can also assign an object to an Event Action by dragging it from the Project Explorer to the Action in the Event Actions list.