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Configuring the Positioning Timeline

You can configure the properties and behaviors of the timeline. For example, you can specify the length of the timeline, or define the behavior of the control points on the timeline when new control points are added. The length of the timeline automatically defines the length of the selected path. You can configure the timeline so that each path that you've created is a different length.

When the timeline is in linear mode, you can only define the length of the timeline because the behaviors of the points on the timeline are pre-determined.

To configure the Timeline:

  1. In the Position Editor (3D Automation), click the Configure Timeline button.

    The Timeline Configuration dialog box opens.

  2. In the Length field, type the duration of the timeline in

    [Note] Note

    The maximum length of the timeline is 59:59:999.

  3. If you are changing the length of the timeline and it is in non-linear mode, select one of the following options:

    • Stretch proportionally to re-position existing control points to maintain their relative proportions to one another.

    • Preserve key values to maintain the positions of existing control points.

      [Note] Note

      If you shorten the length of the timeline using the Preserve key values option, some control points may be deleted. If points are going to be deleted, a confirmation message is displayed prior to deletion.

  4. In the Insert Key Every field, type the amount of time you want to add between the last existing control point and any new point that is inserted on the timeline.

  5. Click OK to accept your changes.

    The timeline is re-configured according to the new settings.