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Connecting a Control Surface Device to Wwise

Wwise supports two types of protocols for control surfaces:

  • MIDI Protocol

  • Mackie HUI MIDI Mapping Protocol (MCU Pro)

Before you begin:

  • Ensure your device is physically connected to your computer.

  • Ensure your device is turned ON.

  • Ensure your have the proper drivers installed for your device.

[Note] Note

Wwise does not support the Open Sound Control (OSC) protocol natively. But applications such as TouchOSC have MIDI support and can be used with TouchOSC Bridge.

To connect your device to Wwise:

  1. From the Project menu, select Control Surface Devices.

  2. Click the Add button.

  3. Give a name to your device.

  4. Click OK.

    The device is added to the list.

  5. In the Receive From column, select the MIDI IN device.

    The Connected message appears.

  6. In the Send To column, select the MIDI OUT device.

    The Connected message appears.

  7. Click Close.

    The device is now ready to use.

[Note] Note

The Control Surface devices settings are stored locally on the computer.