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Creating a Binding to Modify a Specific Object Property Value

A Control Surface binding can be created to target a specific object property value in the Project. This can be useful to attach a controller assignment to objects such as Game Parameters.

To create a binding that controls a Game Parameter simulation value:

  1. Select the Global group.

  2. Click the Add & Learn Binding button.

    The binding entry is added and the Learn button is activated.

    Properties/Commands that can be selected via the UI become green.

  3. Select the Property/Command by either:

    • Clicking on the Game Parameter's simulation value in the Transport Control.

    • Clicking the [>>] button and browse for the Property:

      • Select Object Properties... from the menu

      • Browse for Games Syncs > Game Parameter > Simulation Value.

      • Click OK.

  4. Use the hardware control desired for the binding.

    The Learn button is deactivated.

    The binding is created and ready.