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Creating a Control Surface Session

Control Surface Sessions define how the hardware controls are attached to Wwise functions or project properties. A Control Surface Session defines a list of bindings. Each binding attaches a hardware control (such as a button, slider, knob, or key) to a Wwise element (property or command).

[Note] Note

The Control Surface Sessions are stored within the project and can be used on any computer where the project is being used.

To create a Control Surface Session:

  1. From the View menu, open the Control Surface Bindings view (Ctrl+Shift+Q).

  2. Click the [>>] button to open the selector menu.

  3. Select New...

  4. Enter a name for the session.

  5. Press OK.

    The session is created and loaded.

Multiple Control Surface Sessions can be created in a single Wwise Project for different reasons:

  • Different users of the Wwise projects using different hardware devices.

  • Different usage scenarios.

  • Different users with different needs or preferences.

[Note] Note

Although you can have multiple sessions in the project, only one session can be active at a time.