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Game Sync Monitor

The Game Sync Monitor tracks changing RTPC values as they are applied to watched game objects. The monitor uses the real-time data collected by watches you have set up in the Game Object Explorer.

Interface Element


Opens a search field where standard alphanumeric entries filter out unmatching elements from the view. Learn more in Using Tables.

Click the Close icon to the left of the search icon to close the search field and remove the filter.

[Note] Note

The searches do not include elements in collapsed nodes of the List View, Query Editor, MIDI Keymap Editor, and Reference View.

Click the Configure Columns... shortcut (right-click) option from the column header band.

The Configure Columns Dialog opens. Specify which columns to display and their order.

Game Syncs Watches

A list of RTPCs you are currently monitoring.

Opens the Project Explorer - Browser dialog where you can select an RTPC to be monitored.

Removes the selected RTPC from the Game Syncs Watches list.


(Graph View)

A graphical representation of the relationship between time (X axis) and the game sync value (Y axis).

Zooms in towards the center of the graph view.

Resets the graph view to the default zoom factor ratio of 1:1.

Zooms out from the center of the graph view.



Determines whether the game sync information is displayed in the graph view.

When the Pin icon is selected, the game sync information will be displayed in the graph view whether the curve is selected or not.

Game Sync

Identifies the game sync.

Game Object

Identifies the game object.


Shows the current Game Parameter value of the RTPC.