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Handling Conflicts in Control Surface Sessions

It is possible that multiple active bindings enter in conflict with their Controller Assignments. The Control Surface system does not allow to have multiple bindings with the same key that are loaded simultaneously.

[Note] Note

Bindings from a Control Surface Session are loaded from top to bottom. When a conflict arises, only the first conflicting binding will be loaded. Priority is given to the first binding found.

When a conflict is found:

  • A yellow triangle is shown beside the group name in the Wwise toolbar.

  • A yellow message is shown beside the binding in the Control Surface Session view.

There are multiple ways to handle conflicts:

  • Reorder the bindings in the Control Surface Session view, to change priority.

  • Use the shortcut menu on the binding entries to resolve the conflict.

  • Assign a new controller assignment for one of the conflicting bindings.

[Tip] Tip

In some scenarios, it might be useful to assign the same controller assignment to different bindings on the same group. For example, you could create an Effect View Group that binds properties of different effects. Because the Effect Editor can only load one effect at the time, the bindings will never conflict.