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Playing Back Soundcaster Modules

If you want to audition a module, you can use the controls directly in the modules that you want to play. After you have started playing all the modules that you want, in the order that you want, you can pause or stop any modules that you choose. It is not possible, however, to play back an Actor-Mixer or a bus.

You have the option of stopping or pausing all modules using the master controls.

To play back individual Soundcaster modules:

  1. In the module, click Play.

    The associated sound will play until finished.

  2. If you want to pause the playback, click Pause.

    The Pause icon turns yellow in the module and in the master control area. To resume play, click Pause again.

    [Note] Note

    To resume playing a Sequence Container from the beginning of the playlist, click Reset > Reset All Random and Sequence Containers in the master control area.

  3. To stop playback, click Stop.

    [Note] Note

    To Pause or Stop all the modules in the Soundcaster, you can use the Pause and Stop icons in the master control area.