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Routing MIDI from a DAW to Wwise

It is possible to route MIDI messages coming from an external application (DAW, or Digital Audio Workstation) to Wwise using a virtual MIDI connector. This can be useful to compose MIDI music in a DAW while using the instruments built in Wwise.

You can author multiple instruments simultaneously by creating a Blend Container containing all instruments, and using the MIDI Channel filter to discriminate the instruments.

  • Mac: The built-in IAC Driver is what you are going to be using. To commence, launch Audio MIDI Setup which can be found under Applications/Utilities. If the MIDI studio is not displayed, go to Window, and select Show MIDI Window. Click on MIDI Devices, double-click the IAC Driver icon, and check the option Device is online to activate it. Once any number of ports have been added, they will show up in your DAW. The ports can be used to send or receive MIDI Note, MIDI Control Change, and MIDI Sync messages.

  • Windows: You will have to download a virtual MIDI driver because Windows does not natively have one. The best-known Windows equivalent to Mac's IAC Bus is MIDI Yoke, a component of the MIDI OX Utility. An alternative to this driver application is Tobias Erichsen's loopMIDI , which can be used to route MIDI messages from a DAW to Wwise. You will need to add the virtual MIDI ports created by the application in Wwise's Control Surface Devices.