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Setting Properties for an Event Action

Each Event Action has a set of related properties that you can use to further refine your game's sound, music, and motion.

Each Action contains different properties, but they all fall into one of the following categories:

  • Delays

  • Transitions

  • Bypass effect properties

  • Volume, Pitch, LPF, Game Parameter, Seek, State, or Switch settings.

[Note] Note

When setting the delay properties of certain Event Actions, such as Trigger, Set State, and Set Switch, that involve a music object, be aware that the actual delay may be longer than the one specified due to pre-defined points in the music object where these specific Actions can occur.

For a complete description of each of the Action properties, refer to the Event Actions List.

To set the Action properties of an Event:

  1. In the Event Editor, select an Action from the Event Actions pane.

    The properties associated with the selected Action are displayed in the Action Properties pane (to the right).

  2. Specify the values, as desired, for the associated properties.