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Understanding Control Surface Bindings

A Control Surface binding attaches a hardware control (such as a button, slider, knob, or key) to a Wwise element (property or command).

Every binding has three elements:

  • Property/Command:

    • Object Property: A property name to modify, on the targeted object.

    • Object Command: A command or action to launch on the targeted object.

    • Global Command: A command or action to launch, globally (not targeting an object).

  • Object/Index: Specify the object to target.

  • Controller Assignment: Identify the hardware control element with a MIDI message ID.

Bindings are stored inside three different kinds of groups, that each have a different mechanisms to define the targeted object:

  • Global: The targeted object is specified directly in the binding.

  • Current Selection: The targeted object is the latest selected object in Wwise.

  • View Groups: The target object is defined by the view (such as the Mixing Desk and Mixing Sessions or the Soundcaster and Soundcaster Sessions) in which the binding group is loaded. An index is specified for each object loaded in the view.