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Understanding Control Surface View Groups

View Groups can be used to bind the content of a specific view (objects) to the Binding Group content. You could, for example, map the objects of the Mixing Desk to a Control Surface.

A View Group contains bindings that are associated with objects of a view, identified by their index in the view.

Here are the views supporting View Groups and how they assign the indexes:

  • Mixing Desk: one index per vertical strip.

  • List View, Query Editor, Reference View, Master-Mixer Console: one index per row.

  • Property Editor, Effect Editor, Source Editor, Modulator Editor: index 1 only, for the current object.

  • Soundcaster: one index per module.

To create a View Group:

  1. In Control Surface Bindings view, click the View Groups folder

  2. Click the Add Group button.

  3. Name your group.

  4. Press OK.

  5. Create bindings in the group using the Add & Learn Binding button.

    For more information, refer to Creating Control Surface Bindings.

Here is an example of a Control Surface View Group that can be used inside the Mixing Desk, List View or Soundcaster:

  • Mixing View Group:

    • Binding: Property:Voice Volume - Index:1 - Key:MyController Ch.1 CC 0

    • Binding: Property:Voice Volume - Index:2 - Key:MyController Ch.1 CC 1

    • Binding: Property:Voice Volume - Index:3 - Key:MyController Ch.1 CC 2

    • Binding: Property:Voice Volume - Index:4 - Key:MyController Ch.1 CC 3

    • Binding: Command:Solo - Index:1 - Key:MyController Ch.1 CC 32

    • Binding: Command:Solo - Index:2 - Key:MyController Ch.1 CC 33

    • Binding: Command:Solo - Index:3 - Key:MyController Ch.1 CC 34

    • Binding: Command:Solo - Index:4 - Key:MyController Ch.1 CC 35

    • Binding: Command:Mute - Index:1 - Key:MyController Ch.1 CC 64

    • Binding: Command:Mute - Index:2 - Key:MyController Ch.1 CC 65

    • Binding: Command:Mute - Index:3 - Key:MyController Ch.1 CC 66

    • Binding: Command:Mute - Index:4 - Key:MyController Ch.1 CC 67

This View Group will map:

  • 4 hardware sliders to Voice Volume of 4 objects.

  • 4 hardware buttons to Solo of 4 objects.

  • 4 hardware buttons to Mute of 4 objects.

To associate a View Group with the Mixing Desk:

[Note] Note

You must have an active Control Surface Session, and at least one view group created for these steps.

  1. From the View menu, open the Mixing Desk view (Ctrl+Shift+M).

  2. Click the [>>] button at the upper right corner of the Mixing Desk, on the title-bar.

  3. From the selector menu, select the View Group to use.

    The View Group is loaded.

[Note] Note

View groups loaded in views are also shown in the Wwise toolbar. They can be activated and deactivated from the toolbar.