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Using MIDI Data to Control Object Property Values

It is possible to use the following MIDI messages to control object property values:

  • MIDI Note Velocity.

  • MIDI Note Key (number).

  • MIDI Note Frequency.

  • MIDI Note Aftertouch.

  • MIDI CC values (0-127, including Modulation Wheel).

  • MIDI Pitch bend.

A typical scenario would be to control the Voice Volume of the Instrument with the MIDI Note Velocity.

To control the Voice Volume with the MIDI Note Velocity:

  1. In the Project Explorer, select an object from the Actor-Mixer Hierarchy.

  2. In the Property Editor, go to the RTPC tab.

  3. Click the [>>] button in the RTPC list to add a new entry.

  4. From the selector menu, select Voice Volume.

  5. Click the [>>] selector for the X axis.

  6. From the selector menu, select MIDI > MIDI Note Velocity.

  7. Adjust the Voice Volume curve in the RTPC graph.