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Viewing Game Objects

Game objects interact with RTPCs in sometimes complex ways. To keep track of these interactions, you can set the RTPC graph to display game objects of interest.

To view game objects within the RTPC graph:

  1. Open the Game Object Explorer, which is easily accessible via the Game Object Explorer... button on the left side of the bottom panel of the RTPC tab view.

    All the active game objects, which are created by the audio programmer, are displayed.

  2. Add one or more game object watches to the Game Object Explorer by following the steps outlined in Defining Game Object Watches.

  3. Returning to the bottom panel of the RTPC tab view, select one or more of the listed RTPCs with their associated in-game parameters.

    Flags appear in the graph for each of the Game Parameters.

  4. Click Show Game Objects in the bottom panel and Start to Capture in the Wwise toolbar.

    All your watched Game Objects will appear in the RTPC graph.

    [Note] Note

    Without clicking both of these buttons, no game object will appear in the RTPC graph.