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Working with Layouts

A group of views can be arranged together to create a layout. Wwise contains eight different default layouts that have been optimized to help you perform certain tasks or jobs. You can use different layouts depending on the job that you are doing.

The following layouts are available in Wwise:

  • Designer - Used to manage, build, and define the assets that make up the sound effect, dialogue, and motion portions of your game.

  • Profiler - Used to monitor and analyze the performance of game audio and motion elements as they occur.

  • SoundBank - Used to create, manage, and generate the SoundBanks for your project.

  • Mixer - Used to create prototypes and mix the various objects in Wwise.

  • Schematic - Used to examine a graphical overview of a project's structure.

  • Interactive Music - Used to manage, build, and define the music assets that make up the interactive music portion of your game.

  • Dynamic Dialogue - Used to manage and build the Dialogue Events that drive the dynamic dialogue in your game.

  • Game Object Profiler - Used to monitor and analyze audio performance from the Game Object's standpoint.

To switch between layouts:

  1. From the menu bar, click Layouts > Layout Name.

    The new layout is displayed.

    [Tip] Tip

    You can also switch between layouts using the F5-F12 shortcut keys.