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Wwise Audio Input

The Audio Input source plug-in allows audio content generated by the game to be processed by the Wwise sound engine. To do this, you create an audio input source plug-in in Wwise, place it within a hierarchy, Trigger it with an Event, and add it to a SoundBank.

You can use this source plug-in for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Capturing audio from a microphone connected to the PC's sound card.

  • Allowing voice over IP to be processed by the sound engine.

  • Playing audio directly from a file on disk that is not part of the original Wwise project.

[Note] Note

For more information about the Wwise Audio Input, refer to the Wwise SDK documentation.

You may notice that certain property values in both the Source Plug-in and Contents Editors have an indicator beside them. This indicator shows if the property value is associated with a Game Parameter using RTPCs.

The two types of RTPC indicators are described in the following table:





A property value that is tied to an in-game parameter value using RTPCs.

RTPC - Off

A property value is not tied to an in-game parameter value.