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Wwise Tone Generator

The Wwise Tone Generator is a source plug-in that you can use to generate a wide range of sound and motion effects for your game. The Tone Generator creates audio tones and motion effects using any of the following types of waveforms:

  • Sine

  • Triangular

  • Square

  • Sawtooth

  • White Noise

  • Pink Noise

[Note] Note

Unlike many sound editing software applications, the oscillators in Wwise are bandlimited. This not only helps to avoid inharmonicity caused by harmonics that are beyond the Nyquist frequency, but also saves on CPU and memory usage. For very high fundamental frequencies, the tone will have fewer harmonics than its non-bandlimited counterparts.

You may notice that certain property values in both the Source Plug-in and Contents Editors have an indicator beside them. This indicator shows if the property value is associated with a Game Parameter using RTPCs.

The following tables describes the two types of RTPC indicators:





A property value that is tied to an in-game parameter value using RTPCs.

RTPC - Off

A property value is not tied to an in-game parameter value.