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Wwise SDK 2018.1.11

◆ GetBuffer()

virtual AKRESULT AK::IAkAutoStream::GetBuffer ( void *&  out_pBuffer,
AkUInt32 out_uSize,
bool  in_bWait 
pure virtual

Get data from the Stream Manager buffers.

Grants a buffer if data is available. Each successful call to this method returns a new buffer of data, at the current stream position. Buffers should be released as soon as they are not needed, using AK::IAkAutoStream::ReleaseBuffer().
Note: AK::IAkAutoStream::ReleaseBuffer() does not take any argument, because it releases buffers in order.
  • AK_DataReady : the buffer was granted
  • AK_NoDataReady : the buffer is not granted yet (never happens when called with in_bWait flag)
  • AK_NoMoreData : the buffer was granted but reached end of file (next call will return with size 0)
  • AK_Fail : there was an I/O error
See also
out_pBuffer Returned address of granted data space
out_uSize Returned size of granted data space
in_bWait Block until data is ready