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Wwise SDK 2018.1.11
AK::IAkGameObjectPluginInfo Class Referenceabstract

Game object information available to plugins. More...

Inheritance diagram for AK::IAkGameObjectPluginInfo:

Public Member Functions

virtual AkGameObjectID  GetGameObjectID () const =0
  Get the ID of the game object. More...
virtual AkUInt32  GetNumEmitterListenerPairs () const =0
virtual AKRESULT  GetEmitterListenerPair (AkUInt32 in_uIndex, AkEmitterListenerPair &out_emitterListenerPair) const =0
virtual AkUInt32  GetNumGameObjectPositions () const =0
virtual AKRESULT  GetGameObjectPosition (AkUInt32 in_uIndex, AkSoundPosition &out_position) const =0
virtual SoundEngine::MultiPositionType  GetGameObjectMultiPositionType () const =0
virtual AkReal32  GetGameObjectScaling () const =0
virtual bool  GetListeners (AkGameObjectID *out_aListenerIDs, AkUInt32 &io_uSize) const =0
virtual AKRESULT  GetListenerData (AkGameObjectID in_uListener, AkListener &out_listener) const =0

Protected Member Functions

virtual  ~IAkGameObjectPluginInfo ()
  Virtual destructor on interface to avoid warnings. More...

Detailed Description

Game object information available to plugins.

Definition at line 90 of file IAkPlugin.h.

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