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Wwise SDK 2018.1.11

◆ Consume()

virtual void AK::IAkSinkPlugin::Consume ( AkAudioBuffer in_pInputBuffer,
AkRamp  in_gain 
pure virtual

Present an audio buffer to the sink. The audio buffer is in the native format of the sound engine (typically float, deinterleaved), as specified by io_rFormat passed to Init(). It is up to the plugin to transform it into a format that is compatible with its output. Note that Consume() is not called if the output for this frame consists of silence. Plugins should detect this in OnFrameEnd().

See also
in_pInputBuffer Input audio buffer data structure. Plugins should avoid processing data in-place.
in_gain Volume gain to apply to this input (prev corresponds to the beginning, next corresponds to the end of the buffer).