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◆ DisplayNamesForPropValues()

virtual bool AK.Wwise::DefaultAudioPluginImplementation::DisplayNamesForPropValues ( LPCWSTR  in_pszPropertyName,
LPWSTR  out_pszValuesName,
UINT  in_unCharCount 
) const

DEPRECATED: This function is called by Wwise to get the user-friendly names of possible values for the specified property. This function should write pairs of value and text for the specified property to the WCHAR buffer out_pszDisplayName, which is of length in_unCharCount. Pairs are separated by commas, and each pair contains the value and the text, separated by a colon. Here are a few examples:

  • Numeric property: "-100:Left,0:Center,100:Right"
  • Boolean property: "0:Off,1:On"
  • Numeric property seen as an enumeration: "0:Low Pass,1:High Pass,2:Band Pass,3:Notch,4:Low Shelf,5:High Shelf,6:Peaking"
This function is deprecated. You need to define the enumeration display names in the plug-in XML definition. Refer to Restrictions for more information.
This function is guaranteed to be called by a single thread at a time.
True if the property has user-friendly names for some values, False otherwise
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Implements AK.Wwise::IAudioPlugin.

Definition at line 639 of file AudioPlugin.h.