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Wwise SDK 2018.1.11

◆ WritePascalString()

virtual bool AK.Wwise::IWriteData::WritePascalString ( LPCWSTR  in_szString,
UINT32  in_uiStringLength 
pure virtual

Writes a single-byte character string which does not need to be null-terminated. Strings are limited to 256 characters, and are stored as described below. Your run-time plug-in receives a blob of data (AK::IAkPluginParam::Init() and AK::IAkPluginParam::SetParamsBlock()) which you need to interpret.

  • BYTE: size_of_string
  • char[]: array_of_characters.
Note: "String" properties (as defined in the plugin's XML Description File - refer to Wwise Plug-in XML Description Files for more details) are utf-16 encoded. While you are free to store this string in soundbanks as as an ansi string, AK::IAkPluginParam::SetParam() will be passed an utf-16 string when you connect the authoring tool to the sound engine. Thus, WriteUtf16String() is the preferred method for sending strings to a plug-in.
True if successful, False otherwise
in_szString The string to be written; conversion is made internally
in_uiStringLength The string length, in number of characters