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Wwise SDK 2018.1.11
Class Hierarchy
This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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 CAK.Wwise::SourceControlContainers::__AkPos Container position
 CAkArrayAllocatorAlignedSimd< U_POOL >
 CAkArrayAllocatorNoAlign< U_POOL >
 CAkAssignmentMovePolicy< T >
 CAkAudioFormat Defines the parameters of an audio buffer format
 CAkAudioSettings Configured audio settings
 CAkAutoLock< TLock >
 CAkAutoStmBufSettings Automatic streams buffer settings/constraints
 CAkAutoStmHeuristics Automatic streams heuristics
 CAkAuxSendValue Auxiliary bus sends information per game object per given auxiliary bus
 CAkChannelEmitter Positioning information for a sound, with specified subset of its channels
 CAkCountPolicyNoCount< T >
 CAkCountPolicyNoCount< PoolChunk >
 CAkCountPolicyWithCount< T >
 CAkCountPolicyWithCount< FreeBlock >
 CAkDefaultHashListBarePolicy< T_KEY, T_MAPSTRUCT >
 CAkDefaultSortedKeyCompare< T_KEY >
 CAkDeviceData Device descriptor
 CAkDeviceDesc Device descriptor
 CAkEmitterListenerPair Emitter-listener pair: Positioning data pertaining to a single pair of emitter and listener
 CAkEmitterSettings Settings for a sound emitter
 CAkFileSystemFlags File system flags for file descriptors mapping
 CAK::AkFXParameterChangeHandler< T_MAXNUMPARAMS >
 CAkGeometryParams Parameters passed to SetGeometry
 CAkGetArrayKey< T_KEY, T_ITEM > Key policy for AkSortedKeyArray
 CAkHybridAllocator< uBufferSizeBytes, uAlignmentSize >
 CAkImageSourceName Data used to describe one image source in Wwise Reflect
 CAkInputMapSlot< USER_DATA > Structure of an entry in the AkMixerInputMap map
 CAkLastPolicyNoLast< T >
 CAkLastPolicyNoLast< FreeBlock >
 CAkLastPolicyNoLast< PoolChunk >
 CAkLastPolicyWithLast< T >
 CAkListBareLightNextItem< T > Next item name policy
 CAkListBareNextItem< T > Next item name policy
 CAkListener Listener information
 CAkObjectInfo Object information structure for QueryAudioObjectsIDs
 CAkObstructionOcclusionValues Obstruction/occlusion pair for a position
 CAkOutputSettings Platform-independent initialization settings of output devices
 CAkPlacementNewKey Unique structure identifier for AkPlacementNew
 CAkPolarCoord Polar coordinates
 CAkPoolNewKey Unique structure identifier for AkNew
 CAkPortalParams Parameters passed to SetPortal
 CAkPositioningInfo Positioning information obtained from an object
 CAkPropagationPathInfo Structure for retrieving information about the sound propagation paths that have been calculated via the rooms and portals API. Useful for debug draw applications
 CAkRamp Volume ramp specified by end points "previous" and "next"
 CAkReflectGameData Data structure sent by the game to an instance of the Wwise Reflect plug-in
 CAkReflectionPathInfo Structure for retrieving information about the indirect paths of a sound that have been calculated via the geometric reflections API. Useful for debug draw applications
 CAkRoomParams Parameters passed to SetRoom
 CAkSegmentInfo Structure used to query info on active playing segments
 CAkSetGetKey< T >
 CAkSourcePosition Return values for GetSourcePlayPositions
 CAkSourceSettings Necessary settings for setting externally-loaded sources
 CAkSpatialAudioID Base type for ID's used by Wwise spatial audio
 CAkSpatialAudioInitSettings Initialization settings of the spatial audio module
 CAkStaticAssert< b >
 CAkStaticAssert< true >
 CAkStreamData Stream statistics
 CAkStreamRecord Stream general information
 CAkTaskContext The execution context for a task
 CAkTaskSchedulerDesc Description of the client task scheduler
 CAkTransferMovePolicy< T >
 CAkTransform Position and orientation of game objects
 CAkTriangle Triangle for a spatial audio mesh
 CAkVector 3D vector
 CAkVertex Vertex for a spatial audio mesh
 CCAkSmartPtr< T >
 CAkDbString< TAlloc, T_CHAR, tLock >::Entry
 CAkFileParser::EnvelopePoint Analyzed envelope point
 CAK::FNVHash< HashParams >
 CAK::IAkGameObjectPluginInfo Game object information available to plugins
 CAK::IAkGlobalPluginContext Global plugin context used for plugin registration/initialization. Games query this interface from the sound engine
 CAK.Wwise::SourceControlContainers::IAkList< Type, Arg_Type >
 CAK::StreamMgr::IAkLowLevelIOHook Base interface for Low-Level I/O hooks. Defines common methods across both types of hooks
 CAK.Wwise::SourceControlContainers::IAkMap< Key, Arg_Key, Value, Arg_Value >
 CAK::IAkMetering Interface to retrieve metering information about a buffer
 CAK::IAkMixerInputContext Interface to retrieve information about an input of a mixer
 CAK::IAkPluginContextBase Interface to retrieve contextual information available to all types of plugins
 CAK.Wwise::ISourceControl::IOperationResult The base interface for operations that return information to Wwise
 CAK.Wwise::IReadOnlyProperties Interfaces used to set and get the properties from a plug in
 CAkHashList< T_KEY, T_ITEM, T_ALLOC >::Item
 CAkHashList< T_KEY, T_ITEM, T_ALLOC >::Iterator
 CAkListBare< T, U_NEXTITEM, COUNT_POLICY, LAST_POLICY >::Iterator Iterator
 CAkArray< T, ARG_T, TAlloc, TGrowBy, TMovePolicy >::Iterator Iterator
 CMapStruct< T_KEY, T_ITEM >
 CAK.Wwise::ISourceControl::OperationListItem Operation list item. This is the type used in the AK::Wwise::ISourceControl::OperationList SourceControlContainers::IAkList template class
 CAK.Wwise::ISourceControl::PluginInfo Plug-in information structure. This structure gives a simple overview of the plug-in's capabilities
 CAK.Wwise::SafeAllocator< T >
 CAK.Wwise::SourceControlConstant This class contains static constants that can be useful to the plug-in