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Wwise SDK 2018.1.11

◆ CreatePool()

AkMemPoolId __cdecl AK::MemoryMgr::CreatePool ( void *  in_pMemAddress,
AkUInt32  in_uMemSize,
AkUInt32  in_uBlockSize,
AkUInt32  in_eAttributes,
AkUInt32  in_uBlockAlign = 0 

Create a new memory pool.

The ID of the created memory pool, or AK_INVALID_POOL_ID if creation failed
Tip: Refer to Pools for information about pool resource overhead.
See also
in_pMemAddress Memory address of the pool, or NULL if it should be allocated
in_uMemSize Size of the pool (in bytes)
in_uBlockSize Size of a block (in bytes)
in_eAttributes Memory pool attributes: use values of AkMemPoolAttributes
in_uBlockAlign Alignment of memory blocks. Some plug-ins and specific processors may require specific data alignment. When allocating space for sound bank data, we recommend using AK_BANK_PLATFORM_DATA_ALIGNMENT.