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Wwise SDK 2018.1.11

◆ DynamicSequenceType

The DynamicSequenceType is specified when creating a new dynamic sequence.

The default option is DynamicSequenceType_SampleAccurate.

In sample accurate mode, when a dynamic sequence item finishes playing and there is another item
pending in its playlist, the next sound will be stitched to the end of the ending sound. In this
mode, if there are one or more pending items in the playlist while the dynamic sequence is playing,
or if something is added to the playlist during the playback, the dynamic sequence
can remove the next item to be played from the playlist and prepare it for sample accurate playback before
the first sound is finished playing. This mechanism helps keep sounds sample accurate, but then
you might not be able to remove that next item from the playlist if required.

If your game requires the capability of removing the next to be played item from the
playlist at any time, then you should use the DynamicSequenceType_NormalTransition option instead.
In this mode, you cannot ensure sample accuracy between sounds.

Note that a Stop or a Break will always prevent the next to be played sound from actually being played.

See also

Sample accurate mode.


Normal transition mode, allows the entire playlist to be edited at all times.

Definition at line 130 of file AkDynamicSequence.h.