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Wwise SDK 2018.1.11

◆ GetPlayingIDsFromGameObject()

AKRESULT __cdecl AK::SoundEngine::Query::GetPlayingIDsFromGameObject ( AkGameObjectID  in_GameObjId,
AkUInt32 io_ruNumIDs,
AkPlayingID out_aPlayingIDs 

Get the list PlayingIDs associated with the given game object. This function does not acquire the main audio lock.

Note: It is possible to call GetPlayingIDsFromGameObject with io_ruNumItems = 0 to get the total size of the structure that should be allocated for out_aPlayingIDs.
AK_Success if succeeded, AK_InvalidParameter if out_aPlayingIDs is NULL while io_ruNumItems > 0
in_GameObjId Game object ID
io_ruNumIDs Number of items in array provided / Number of items filled in array
out_aPlayingIDs Array of AkPlayingID items to fill