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Wwise SDK 2018.1.11

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AKRESULT __cdecl AK::SoundEngine::Query::GetRTPCValue ( AkRtpcID  in_rtpcID,
AkGameObjectID  in_gameObjectID,
AkPlayingID  in_playingID,
AkRtpcValue out_rValue,
RTPCValue_type io_rValueType 

Get the value of a real-time parameter control (by ID) An RTPC can have a any combination of a global value, a unique value for each game object, or a unique value for each playing ID.

The value requested is determined by RTPCValue_type, in_gameObjectID and in_playingID.

If a value at the requested scope (determined by RTPCValue_type) is not found, the value that is available at the the next broadest scope will be returned, and io_rValueType will be changed to indicate this.

When looking up RTPC values via playing ID (ie. io_rValueType is RTPC_PlayingID), in_gameObjectID can be set to a specific game object (if it is available to the caller) to use as a fall back value. If the game object is unknown or unavailable, AK_INVALID_GAME_OBJECT can be passed in in_gameObjectID, and the game object will be looked up via in_playingID.

However in this case, it is not possible to retrieve a game object value as a fall back value if the playing id does not exist. It is best to pass in the game object if possible.

AK_Success if succeeded, AK_IDNotFound if the game object was not registered, or AK_Fail if the RTPC value could not be obtained
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in_rtpcID ID of the RTPC
in_gameObjectID Associated game object ID, ignored if io_rValueType is RTPCValue_Global.
in_playingID Associated playing ID, ignored if io_rValueType is not RTPC_PlayingID.
out_rValue Value returned
io_rValueType In/Out value, the user must specify the requested type. The function will return in this variable the type of the returned value.