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Wwise SDK 2018.1.11
What's New in 2013.2.5?

2013.2.5 is a patch release. The following sections list and describe the changes made to Wwise between version 2013.2.4 and version 2013.2.5.

Platform SDK changes

  • Mac OS X: updated to SDK 10.8 (Mountain Lion)
  • iOS: updated to SDK 7.0
  • Xbox One: updated to XDK August 2013 QFE 12
  • WiiU: updated to SDK 2.10.03

API Changes

  • (Xbox One) AddPlayerMotionDevice: in_pDeviceId should now be a straight cast of IGamepad::Id to (void *). Motion will not work if not done.
  • (iOS) New platform initialization settings: interruptionCallback and interruptionCallbackCookie for setting the user callback for handling audio session interruptions.
  • (iOS) New platform initialization settings: inputCallback and inputCallbackCookie for setting the user callback for handling audio input.
  • (iOS) Removed platform initialization setting: ibAppListensToInterruption to allow apps to handle audio session interruption at all times.
  • (iOS) New API: AudioInterruptionCallbackFunc as a user callback to handle audio session interruptions according to the app's need.
  • (iOS) API change: ListenToAudioSessionInterruption has a new argument to bypass the user callback.
  • (iOS) Removed API: SetAudioInputCallback.

Performance Improvements

  • WG-24373 Improved performance of File Manager source control operations
  • WG-24419 Improved performance of multi-position game objects

Bug fixes

  • WG-20240 Fixed: Unnecessary file conversion when rendered effects are applied, due to random changes in the converted file name
  • WG-23712 (iOS) Fixed: Remote-control-related freezes, crashes, or loss of audio. iOS audio session interruption handling is much improved.
  • WG-23856 (Android) Fixed: Missing memory pool names in the profiler.
  • WG-24030 (Xbox One) Fixed: Possible crash when setting gamepad vibration
  • WG-24389 (Xbox One) Fixed: XMA hang or memory corruption when seeking or using virtual voices in 'play from elapsed time' mode
  • WG-24309 (PS4) Fixed: AkSinkType non-recordable flag handling is inversed
  • WG-24318 Improved documentation and invalid parameter handling of AddSecondaryOutput()
  • WG-24413 Fixed: Invalid Secondary Bus display in the Advanced Profiler
  • WG-24469 Fixed: SoundFrame: GenerateSoundBanks and ConvertExternalSources always return true (success)
  • WG-24490 Fixed: Visual Studio x64 redistributables are not installed on Windows 8
  • WG-24491 Fixed: Bug in streaming manager cache search (valid buffers were not always reused)
  • WG-24520 Fixed: crash in some out-of-memory scenarios in iZotope Hybrid Reverb
  • WG-24541 Fixed: Voice Monitor HDR window not updated in Bus Input mode
  • WG-24546 Fixed: Crash when using an effect on a bus that was not registered via RegisterPlugin
  • WG-24559 Fixed: SoundBank fails to unload due to paused sounds not stopping in rare case
  • WG-24573 Fixed: Rare assert in CAkURenderer::Kick()
  • WG-24578 Fixed: Incorrect HDR behavior when using secondary outputs
  • WG-24615 (Xbox One) Fixed: Crash in ACPMgr::Init() when initializing and terminating sound engine multiple times
  • WG-24617 Fixed: wrong error handling in RTPC Manager that could lead to corruption in rare low memory conditions.
  • WG-24620 Fixed: Rare crash when terminating the sound engine.