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Wwise SDK 2018.1.11
Release Notes 2016.1.3

The following sections list and describe the changes to Wwise between version 2016.1.2 and version 2016.1.3.

Miscellaneous changes

  • Android NDK updated to r12b.

Bug Fixes

  • WG-30154 Fixed: Plug-in incompatibility between 2016.1.2 and prior 2016.1.x releases results in incorrect license message at SoundBank Generation. NOTE: 2016.1.3 can use plug-ins compiled with Wwise SDK versions 2016.1.0 or 2016.1.1, but not 2016.1.2.
  • WG-30692 Fixed: Intermittent crash or loss of audio when instantiating Auro Headphone.
  • WG-30855 Fixed: Rare crash in CAkMusicSwitchCtx::DequeueCancellableTransitions().
  • WG-30861 Fixed: Hang when the game runs and the computer is put to sleep.
  • WG-30876 Fixed: Crash when seeking a music switch container beyond the target segment's or playlist's length.
  • WG-30907 Fixed: Passing negative spread to IGlobalPluginContext::Compute3DPositioning causes a hang.
  • WG-30910 Fixed: Crash with modulators modulated by other modulators.
  • WG-30925 Fixed: Auro Headphone plug-in does not work on an Aux Bus in Authoring.
  • WG-30928 Fixed: Loud volume change when Switches are tied to RTPC and volume at the same time.
  • WG-30982 Fixed: Unmute Actions were possibly ignored when triggered in the same frame as a Mute with a transition time.
  • WG-31031 Fixed: GetSourceStreamBuffering sometimes fails to report final buffering status when a paused stream becomes idle.