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Wwise SDK 2018.1.11
Release Notes 2016.2.5

The following sections list and describe the changes to Wwise between version 2016.2.4 and version 2016.2.5.

Behavior change

  • WG-33961 Can now read pre-2016.1 external source and streaming WEM files in Wwise 2016.1 and later versions.

Platform SDK Changes

  • Xbox One XDK: Updated XDK to 170301 (March 2017 QFE 1).

Bug Fixes

  • WG-32252 & WG-34024 Fixed: The Bus Voice Properties are incorrectly applied twice, when a child object overrides to the same output bus as its parent Blend Container.
  • WG-32484 Fixed: Crash in CAkPBI::VirtualPositionUpdate() when remote connected.
  • WG-32987 Fixed: (Switch) Opus decoder failure during playback when reaching the end of certain files.
    Note: The .cache folder and generated SoundBanks should be manually cleared for the fix to be effective.
  • WG-33393 Fixed: Blend Container child object property values are incorrectly added to the bus values when the child object overrides to the same output bus as its parent Blend Container.
  • WG-33405 Fixed: (Android) Possible crash on Android platform when no jNativeActivity is set in Android Platform settings.
  • WG-33413 Fixed: The Source of Override query is broken.
  • WG-33448 Fixed: The Inconsistent source status error intermittently and incorrectly shows up.
  • WG-33603 Fixed: (iOS) Crash on init when Suspend is called.
  • WG-33816 Fixed: (Android) Crash caused by division by zero.
  • WG-33956 Fixed: Random or Sequence Containers with sample accurate transitions that have child containers with trigger rate transitions can crash Wwise.
  • WG-34020 Fixed: Wwise can spend a lot of time in the 'Collecting SoundBank information' stage of SoundBank generation involving music objects.
  • WG-34028 Fixed: (PS4) Rare deadlock during soak test (of more than 12 hours).
  • WG-34207 Fixed: Sink plug-in failure does not revert to default sinks, resulting in silence.
  • WG-34226 Added debugging tool for invalid samples in audio buffers (off by default).
  • WG-34243 Fixed: (Switch) Performance issue at the start of Opus decoding.
  • WG-35118 Fixed: Rare crash in CAkRTPCMgr::SetBuiltInParamValue()