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Wwise Unity Integration Documentation

Inherits MonoBehaviour.

Inherited by AkTriggerCollisionEnter, AkTriggerCollisionExit, AkTriggerDisable, AkTriggerEnable, AkTriggerEnter, AkTriggerExit, AkTriggerMouseDown, AkTriggerMouseEnter, AkTriggerMouseExit, and AkTriggerMouseUp.

Public Member Functions

delegate void  Trigger (UnityEngine.GameObject in_gameObject)
  Delegate declaration for all Wwise Triggers. More...

Public Attributes

Trigger  triggerDelegate = null
  All components reacting to the trigger will be registered in this delegate. More...

Detailed Description

Base class for the generic triggering mechanism for Wwise Integration. All Wwise components will use this mechanism to drive their behavior. Derive from this class to add your own triggering condition, as described in Adding New Triggers for Wwise Events