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Wwise Unity Integration Documentation
New Features 2017.1

There are a number of important new features in Wwise 2017.1 and its Unity Integration. These include the following:

Required Components

[RequireComponent(typeof(AkGameObj))] has been added to AkEvent.

AkEnvironment and AkEnvironmentPortal no longer specify Rigidbody as a required component, and the members of Rigidbody are no longer modified. If an AkEnvironment or an AkEnvironmentPortal does not have a Rigidbody attached to its game object or an AkGameObj is set to "Environment aware" and does not have a Rigidbody attached to its game object, the following warning will be displayed in the Editor: AkGameObj-AkEnvironment interactions require a Rigidbody component on the object or the environment.

All instances of the above warning can be removed by unchecking the Show Warning for Missing RigidBody option within the Wwise Settings window.


Wwise Types

New "WwiseTypes" have been added that provide users with finer control over features represented by Wwise objects such as Events, game parameters, Switches, and States. These new classes each come with their own property drawers that bring up a Wwise picker when clicked, allowing for rapid prototyping of game audio systems.


Below is a brief example use case:

public class Footsteps : MonoBehaviour
[Header("Wwise Types")]
public AK.Wwise.Event FootStepEvent = null;
public AK.Wwise.RTPC SpeedRTPC = null;
public AK.Wwise.Switch UnderFootMaterialSwitch = null;
public AK.Wwise.Bank FootStepBank = null;
void InitializeSound() { FootStepBank.Load(); }
void FinalizeSound() { FootStepBank.Unload(); }
void PlayFootStepSound(float speed)
SpeedRTPC.SetValue(gameObject, speed);

Unity Integration Extensions

AkSoundEngine is now a partial class. Hooks have been added to allow users to extend the auto-registration of game objects or remove this functionality all together. The extensions, though recommended, can optionally not be installed via the Launcher.

3D Busses

To complement the addition of the 3D busses feature in Wwise, the following modifications have been made. There is no longer a restriction on the number of listeners, and the concept of default listeners has been added to represent the listeners that all game objects are initially set up to be listened by. AkGameObj has been modified to hold a list of AkAudioListeners. By default, an AkGameObj will emit its sound to the default listeners, and an AkAudioListener is a default listener.